On 8th July Ms Monika Kepe and Mr Martin Schneider, representatives of the European Commission, visited our Association. Ms Grażyna Klimowicz - the co-ordinator of the Socrates-Grundtvig programme in Poland - participated in the meeting as well.

The visit was a major event in the history of our Association. On the one hand, we were curious and excited to meet the representatives but on the other - we wondered whether our activities are implemented in a correct way and whether the project could be continued.

In the first part of the meeting the representatives of the POMOST Association management and trainers working in the ICAR project presented the activities and programmes realised by the Association and discussed the assumptions of the ICAR project and methods of its implementation. After that Professor Załuska presented preliminary results of the evaluation studies.

In the second part of the meeting project participants had an opportunity to present the results of their work which had been put on the website created during the ICAR course and to talk with the European Commission representatives (many thanks to Magda, our interpreter, who helped us communicate with the guests).

We did our best to present our Association and the results of our participation in the ICAR project. We hope that the Commission representatives found our project activities interesting and that we will be able to learn more computer skills. Read a few opinions of ICAR project participants who were present at the meeting:

"On 8th July 2004 (Thursday) representatives of the European Commission paid a visit to our Association. We presented our achievements and works created during the ICAR project (a computer course). Our work consisted in building our own websites according to everyone's interests and hobbies. We were taught to do so by our trainers: Ela and Piotr.The subjects were varied: cars, music, cartoons, and a novel. I chose astrology. I wrote some passages on the history of astrology and encouraged the guests to have me prepare their horoscopes. Our work seemed to impress the guests, everyone liked it. During the presentation the guests asked us questions concerning our achievements and the entire course."

"On Thursday, 8th July, the European Commission visited our centre. They wanted to see our works created during the computer course ICAR. Each work referred to a different subject. It seems to me that the guests liked Adam's work best. They also asked us to tell them what we had learnt during the course. We communicated with them through an interpreter. Many of us were very pleased to meet the commission, in general the meeting was very nice. After some time we were allowed to go home; another part of the visit began without our participation."

"First, the delegation met in the therapists' room for consultations. Then, the delegation composed of an interpreter, two representatives and a few other people reviewed the activity plan of our therapists and members, i.e. the patients. The guests took some photos, discussed certain issues, talked with our instructors and had a lunch with them. After that, participants of previous editions of the ICAR course were asked to present to the delegation their works created during the course. The presentations dealt with various subjects. They included websites on many different topics, starting from jokes found on the Internet or in other sources. The subjects depended on everyone's interests; they were prepared on the basis of skills acquired during the course. One of my friends presented her collection of jokes, presentations by other participants included topics such as life emotions as a book, astrology, music and imagination of a band, astrology, motor vehicles, etc."

"What happened on Thursday? People from the West arrived, beautiful and wise - that's good. Who were they? What did they want? - to see our work carried out this year. They had a look at Adam's texts, read about stars and cars, about cartoons, they listened to music and now they have a headache. But medicine knows what to do take a painkiller and the pain is gone everyone does it. A couple of words more about the reason of all this - instructors Piotr and Ela captured by Caps Lock worked hard by the sweat of their brows and with tired eyes taught us about the Internet now you know everything."


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